Monday, 21 February 2011

Hair And MakeUp

So Im getting ready to go to a party with a couple off the girlies. Yay!!!!! :D Haven't been out in ages.

kinda in a rush, yet i find time to write on my blog :D.

Any way so i was stuck for idea's on hair and make, as i'm only good at the natural, everyday sort of looks, and just thought i'd try something new. so as always i search on the internet. came across some youtube inspiration. I found some really interesting looks and thought id share my favourites.

Makeup ideas
I thought these were really cute, probably my favourite looks

And even though i'm a lazy bum and probably wont do any of these hairstyles, i loved these to bits though.

Anyway. I still ain't chosen what i want to do though. x_x,
well atleast i have my outfit sorted.
I better go need to get ready.

Candy Rain xX

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