Saturday, 17 September 2011


So i finally went to the new Westfield City in Stratford and its AMAZING!!!!!!!

It's so big, there So many shops :) seriously everything you can think of is there. I toke my sweet time to get a good look around, and theres some really nice stuff there.

For fashion theres Top shop, Newlook, Fashion Rocks, Chice, Primark, Next, John lewis, Fat Face etc......... trust me theres loads and a good mix.
Oh yh they have a FOREVER 21 Yaay!!!!! I love this shop. My friend from America always used to send me stuff from this shop and I loved there style. Then it opened in Oxford Street I was happy but now its in Westfield I'm over the moon so much more accessible and the shop is has a great atmosphere. The colours, the lay out. Wooooow!!!!!! I literally brought my weight in clothes x_x lol. Its so on trend. for those of you who dnt know about it, its like a more affordable Top shop, an alternative to H'n'M (no offence to H'n'M) check out the website . seriously I love this shop, I can go on about it forever lol.

They also have loads of restaurants, from Mc Donalds & Crispy Creams to TGI friday & Wagamama. Theres also one of them Preztel stands and they give away free samples :). There's also a cute little bowling place, and its part restaurants.

Theres the cinema, the gym for all stages, Hair and beauty centre's, electronic/gadget store the works. This place is actually jammed packed with Everthing, you can even buy your kitchen sink lol

I recommend it to everyone. You wont be upset.

Take Care, Happy Shopping

Candy Rain xX

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Summer 2011

Well that promise to blog more often failed x_x
But after that long break I'm back :)

I hope everyone had a good summer, although there was much sun (n). Summer holidays has still been a very great time. so much has happened this holiday's doe.
Theres been so many ups and downs for me. I've gone through so much but it didnt stop me and now I've got a new job which i'm soooo happy about. But as a nation we also share alot over the summer as we go through similar things. Where do i begin?
The Rioting: I feel this was a totally horrific period, It has changed and destroyed lives for many people for no reason what so ever. And i for 1 am glad that things are back to normal.
The v festal: I went to this with a couple of my friends for the first time. i absolutely loved it. It was Fantastic at first i didnt like the thought of camping but this was so fun. just shows its good to try new things. I recommend it to everyone. Oh and Eminem Was AMAZING!!!!!!
The VMA's: this year was by far the best from
Beyonce announcing she's pregnantAwwww how sweet, Im happy for her ☺
Lady Gaga's Cross dressing act. Very strange yet very interesting lol
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomes public kiss. sooo cute
and many more things this VMA has to be my favourite so far.
TV: so Big brothers back but now its on channel 5, the line up is amazing, i love it. kinda sad they dnt have the live streaming anymore though.
Also x factor's back, There seem to be a lot of good talent so far. And i love the new judge lineup it works well. I'm glad its back, I now have something decent to watch on telly if i don't go out :)

Theres probably so much more but those are the few things i can remember at the moment.

See ya soon

Candy Rain xX