Monday, 21 February 2011

Hair And MakeUp

So Im getting ready to go to a party with a couple off the girlies. Yay!!!!! :D Haven't been out in ages.

kinda in a rush, yet i find time to write on my blog :D.

Any way so i was stuck for idea's on hair and make, as i'm only good at the natural, everyday sort of looks, and just thought i'd try something new. so as always i search on the internet. came across some youtube inspiration. I found some really interesting looks and thought id share my favourites.

Makeup ideas
I thought these were really cute, probably my favourite looks

And even though i'm a lazy bum and probably wont do any of these hairstyles, i loved these to bits though.

Anyway. I still ain't chosen what i want to do though. x_x,
well atleast i have my outfit sorted.
I better go need to get ready.

Candy Rain xX

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Busy Bee

Haven't been on here in a while :(. Been a busy bee.
its Kinda difficult juggling everything we have to do in todays world. Especially since time wait for no man (or women lol)

first of all there friends and family, not much of a burden, but we often get lost in feeling as though we need to please them. Rather then ourselves. We seem to be bending other backwards in order to please them. I for one certainly need to learn how to say No.

Then we have college, uni or work work. These often require a lot of our time, should really be a priority in life but we often fail to do so and end up with loads of deadlines all at once. I know this is the case for me anyway, I seriously need to work on my time management.

Also we have to try and Keep fit. If this means popping down to the gym, going on a jog/walk, or even a few stretches here and there. what we fault was ment to take 20-30 minutes often take a lot longer and finding the time can be difficult.

Then we have our 'Hobbies' or our 'Leisure' time. These are very important as we should be enjoying our lives doing the things we want to. Because we deserve a treat a time to relax every once in a while. but after all the other stuff we pack our lives with we hardly ever get the time to do these.

And to the people who were blessed with kids. You are amazing to juggle all these things while bringing up life. So impressed.

But Hay i guess life goes on. As my best friend would say "Life Goes On".
we all just have to learn to multi task, well we have been doing it for this long so we must be pretty good at it :D lol.

I sure feel like a holiday though, Bring on summer.

Candy Rain xX

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


So im kinda having a lazy day in. Not much to do :(.

So i watched a couple of dvd's, straightened up around the house. then got kinda bored, so i thought i'd have a look at youtube see whats new out there. There really is some odd stuff aint there.

This video in particular made me laugh. These animals, if we can still call them animals, sure are weird.
 Obviously they are photo-shopped but it makes us wonder ' Who or what made these people think of creating such creatures. lol. Very interesting i think. Well it made me laugh

Candy Rain xX

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Day

Valentines day 

This year was valentines day has been a very special day. I could actually go as far to say this was the best i have ever had in a very long time. Why? well because I felt loved and appreciated and made to feel special.

Valentines day can be a very controversial day. Special for some, but can be depressing for others. But it dosn't have to be depressing at all.

Valentines day is a special day for all, and people really should count there blessings. 

When your in a relationship its a special day set a side to express your true fellings, a day to shower that special loved one with gifts and attention. (if thats what makes you happy) 

But for the single people, who haven't quit yet found that someone special. Don't worry your not alone. Personally for me anyway. Valentines day is a day of LOVE, a day to appreciate loved ones and to be thankful for friends and family members who love us dearly. And thats all we really need. What more can you ask for?

I hope evreyone had a lovely day

Candy Rain xX

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Hi Guys, So Im new to the world of blogging. And this is my very first entry. Im very excited. :)

As I sat in my room alone watching the time turn 12 into Valentines day. I thought i'd make a blog. My aim was to create and unique blog. A blog that reflected the 'Average' person (what ever an 'average' person is).
I hope to create a blog for women of all ages from any backgrounds or personalities could engage and relate to. Hopefully everyone will enjoy.

Candy Rain xX