Sunday, 20 February 2011

Busy Bee

Haven't been on here in a while :(. Been a busy bee.
its Kinda difficult juggling everything we have to do in todays world. Especially since time wait for no man (or women lol)

first of all there friends and family, not much of a burden, but we often get lost in feeling as though we need to please them. Rather then ourselves. We seem to be bending other backwards in order to please them. I for one certainly need to learn how to say No.

Then we have college, uni or work work. These often require a lot of our time, should really be a priority in life but we often fail to do so and end up with loads of deadlines all at once. I know this is the case for me anyway, I seriously need to work on my time management.

Also we have to try and Keep fit. If this means popping down to the gym, going on a jog/walk, or even a few stretches here and there. what we fault was ment to take 20-30 minutes often take a lot longer and finding the time can be difficult.

Then we have our 'Hobbies' or our 'Leisure' time. These are very important as we should be enjoying our lives doing the things we want to. Because we deserve a treat a time to relax every once in a while. but after all the other stuff we pack our lives with we hardly ever get the time to do these.

And to the people who were blessed with kids. You are amazing to juggle all these things while bringing up life. So impressed.

But Hay i guess life goes on. As my best friend would say "Life Goes On".
we all just have to learn to multi task, well we have been doing it for this long so we must be pretty good at it :D lol.

I sure feel like a holiday though, Bring on summer.

Candy Rain xX

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