Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween - Heidi Klum

To me this has to be the best costume i have seen so far.

Why is this my favourite?
one reason Its actually Scary lol 
Now-a-day when we think of Halloween costumes most people seem to be either something sexy or funny rather than scary. 

Cute animals: Bunnies, cats, mice etc

Emergency services: Police, Nurse, fire fighter etc

Others: SuperHeros, Teachers, cartoon characters, School girls, political figures. the list can go on. 

What ever happened to the Witch, The ghost, Frankinstein, A Pumpkin, Vampire  and any other "scary" characters. In a way its like they've been lost :(. 

But Heidi Klum In My eyes got Halloween Spot on. I say good on her. this is was u call commited to the holiday. Love it (y)

Still Need to look for my outfit for later tonight. I'll probably end up in on of the costumes i just complained about x_x I'm so last minute. lol
Hopefully i find something as good as Heidi's. Fingers Crossed

Candy Rain xX

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